9 Responses to Legal/FAQ/Contact

  1. Chatonia says:

    Hi Cora!

    I’m a fellow blogger and also an aspiring makeup artist. I recently discovered your YT channel and I love it! Anyway, I’m interested in doing makeup tutorials on my own YT channel and blog but I’m having problems with taking good quality (HD) videos and pictures. As of now, I am using a Nikon S8100 COOLPIX camera. Do you have any tips as far as taking closeup HD pictures, HD video, and lighting are concerned?

    Thanks in advance!


  2. Nausheen says:

    Hi I LOVE!!!* LISA FRANK!* Ed Hardy is okay but I am in LOVE with Lisa frank. I mean whoever Lisa frank is I think she is so,so,so CREATIVE whenever I have to get school supplies I always try to look for Lisa Frank stuff!!! I just there was a backpack.

  3. Alyssa M. Baca says:

    Hi Cora, I am sending you this to participate in the Phospher Giveaway. The watch I chosed and loved is the Phospher Appear Rose Gold Crystal Watch with Clear Nylon Braclet. I really love you videos! I show them to many of my friends and family and we love you videos. People like you shape our generation in a very positive way! You inspire me and so many other people greatly. Thank you for you time.

  4. Courtnie says:

    Hi Cora, I just wanted to say that you are a make up god! I have a couple of questions though. I have blue/green eyes (it varies by what I wear) and I have a hazel birth mark in my eye, I really can’t find a great color to make my eyes pop. I tried using a light sparkly pink, It looked nice but is there any colors that I could use to make them really stand out? I don’t really have a big budget for eye shadow though, I’m using Milani eye shadow now.

    • Aaliyah says:

      I like your videos cause I want to try to copy your tutorials but I have to get older like 21 years old so i hope you enjoy my comment!!!!

  5. Claudia Joung says:

    Hi Cora! I didn’t know where to contact you or anywhere else so i’m writing here! I was wondering…how do you make a black eyeshadow into an eyeliner? Like what water based product do you use and which is the best that won’t make the it smudge?
    Would urban decay all nighter work?

  6. Ashley says:

    I was wondering if you would consider doing a video of your favorite products that are cruelty free???

  7. Chloe says:

    Hi Cora,
    I work for The Brush Guard and was just made aware of your YouTube review. I think it’s great! I would love to use some clips from the video on our website and/or Facebook page. Please let me know what you think about that 🙂
    The Brush Guard Team

  8. daisy says:

    hay cora i love your makeup

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