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Occasionally companies send me free items for review consideration; I appreciate that companies send me free items to review, and it certainly broaden the products I have available since blogging can be very expensive; however, I will not give a positive or misleading review just because it was free. I love being a blogger that people can trust, and I would never compromise that, so I’ll always be honest and true with you, the viewer/reader. The point of this blog is to give insight, tips, share tecniques, and marvel at the wonder that is beauty and fashion, not trick or mislead my viewers into buying crap.

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19 Responses to Disclosure/Legal

  1. andrew phelan says:

    Hi Cora , came across your site from a link from one of your photos on the web ( looking at reference images of chemical romance ) . I am a character artist woring in the uk and at present woring on some female characters that could do with some ace make up in a very similar style to yours , I hope you dont mind if I take some insiration from your tecniques ( being a bloke means make up is not on my top list of skills ) .
    That fact that I will be paint onto the 3d models means I can hopefully apply the colours in a similar way to your tutorails and get a more honest look to this style .
    I am about two weeks away from paint up the first model so I though I would give you a heads up in case you arenot ok with this.


  2. Ninja :D. says:

    Heeey! :).

    I’m going to a party in febuar, and I would really like if you could make a tutorial, with brown eyeshadow 🙂
    ‘Cuz that is the only colour I use ..

    Sorry my bad english – i’m from Denmark 😀

    Ninja ;).

  3. Michelle says:


  4. Alison says:

    you truley are awesome i loved you’re youtube page and i checked out your blog and i cant beleive how profesional you are! You are so awesome i come to your youtube page for all my makeup needs… and wants! Thanks i have such a hard time with the winged eyeliner but i’ll practice!
    🙂 :] ^_^

  5. Can you please make tutorial for 13 year old girls like me and you to wear make i have a dark caramel skin and its being unbearable to wear make up that is not right for me so please I am a doll in need parts. I am stuck on stupid cheap make up can you do a tutorial on black make up. I am Emo.

    -Doll in need of a head

    • chealsea woodfer says:

      Hi, i am curently learning how to wear make-up (correctly) i have been watching your videos alot!!! They have helped me alot, this wednesday i am going to bareminearls to gte my make up done and have them teach me how to do my makeup and how to choose the right color! Do you have any advice for me?? even if you dont i would love any tips from you have for me or any questions to help me choose makeup please let me kno. thank you!! p.s I LOVE YOUR VIDEOS!! ❤ 🙂

  6. adie says:

    hi,my name is adie and i love make up im only 11 nearly 12 and i use my makeup to death – thats if its nice- anyway makeup is one of my favourite things and also my favourite accssesory! and cn u do a video on non animal hair beacuase im a vegiterian . So thank you very much n well byeeee 🙂

    – adie

  7. Mom says:

    I love you Baby. And I am so proud of you…you don’t even know…there are no words…

  8. Sherelle Mays says:

    Youtube name: cookye85

    And recently I’ve been listening to Beyonce. I absolutely love her. My fave song out rite now would be 1+1. I’m thinking of singing that for my fiance on our wedding day…thanks for the giveaway.

  9. Sophie-Rosa :) says:

    Hi! I’m real interested in those flakie nail polishes. But I live in the UK and we don’t have any ‘Sally’ beauty stores. Are there any other brands that are similar and worldwide? Thanks!
    Sophie-Rosa (:

    • Sally Wood says:

      Essie has a good flake polish in their Luxe series called Shine of the Times (found on head2toebeauty.com) and Nails Inc. (found on sephora.com) is selling sets with flake polishes in them. Both are more expensive than the Fingerpaints but they also seem to be much higher in the concentration of “flake.” Hope this helps!

  10. brooke says:

    i love your makeup its so pritty and, you eyes are so pritty and if its not much to ask will you do sort of a snow kind of winter look for a tatoreal please thank you

  11. Estephanie says:

    Hey Cora , First Of All I Just Have To Say That I Am A Fan , I Love Your Tutorials (:
    And I Was Wondering If Maybe You Could Do A Senior Portrait Tutorial , I Need Some Ideas , Please , I Want To Look Good In My Senior Pictures Which Are In Two Weeks I Believe.

    Thanks (:

  12. Kaytness the Greatness says:

    Ahoy Miss Cora, Just wanted to drop you a complimentary line. You are truly inspiring and very talented. I grately appreiciate all of your hard work and creativity you have put into your you tube channel and your website. you have inspired me beyond words over the years. Just wanted to say thank you and send you great blessings in all that is to come
    Love and Lite
    Kaytness the Greatness

  13. Mary says:

    Love that you are honest. Thanks!

  14. Nicole Guthrie says:

    Hey I’m Nicole and I love your videos they are awesome but I was wondering if you knew how to make that poof on the top of your head above the forehead and if you do can you make a vid for it i really want to learn how.

  15. Victoria Vasquez says:

    I love love love all your videos and tutorials, took me back to something I was passionate about years ago. Since I’m a mom of a 4 year old and 2 month old I don’t have much time for my self but just watching your videos gives me the confidence boost to get my self glammed up every now and then. Thank You for just being real.

  16. Mistalyn says:

    Hi I am so in love with you and your makeup tutorials. I think you are just absolutley amazing. I am 12 years old and i really look up to you. You are like my own role model. i really admire you mostly because you can really make a plus sized girl such as myself feel good about thierself. I was going to ask if you could please do a tutorial on how to do a very soft smoky eye just light enough that i could wear it to school. Thank you so much for leting me realize that I can just be myself.

  17. Leighanne:) says:

    Love your videos boo 😉

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