Smoky Blue and Purple

Hi Guys and Dolls!

Here’s the last video I’m going to do in my Sephora Holiday looks sorta-kinda series. I hope you like it πŸ™‚ I’m sorry this will be posted after Christmas, but I didn’t think it would get many views on Christmas, LOL

Products used:

Sephora Brand “My Favorite Jeans” ( Shimmery deep true blue, MAC’s Freshwater would rock, but Deep truth would also look great, you could also use NYX’s Morocco for a blue-purple )

Urban Decay “Flash” (you could dupe this with Sephora Brand Midnight Kiss, BFTE’s Grape or Rave, or use something a bit more blue toned, like Urban Decay’s Ransom)

MUFE #92 (Not an easy to dupe color. Honestly, this is so well worth the $19 is costs. I wear this all the time, and depending on what you put it with, it can be a bright purple, a dark purple, a cool purple, and warm purple. When I say this is the PERFECT purple, I mean it. You could TRY duping it with a combination of MAC’s Violet Trance (Discontinued) and MAC’s Pro Eyeshadow in Vibrant Grape, Or try mixing some of the purple from the 120 and 88 palette, but I’m telling you, even though this one can be difficult to blend, it wears like iron, and the texture looks good.)

Urban Decay Oil Slick ( This is a FAB matte-ish black eyeshadow with rainbow glitter. The glitter is SUPER subtle/superfine, so really this ends up looking like a soft black. If you have any of the cheapo palettes that has a black, just use that )

MAC Fascinating Eye Kohl ( Any white eye kohl will work πŸ™‚

Urban Decay Shattered (this is a light blue with golden shimmer. I know there are dupes for this but I can’t think of any ATM. For something similar but different, try BFTE’s Ocean Mist: I’m sort of obsessed with the sparkle in this shadow.)

NYX WhiteΒ  single eyeshdow (Hands down, best matte white eyeshadow on the market. I wanted to get MAC’s Gesso and Urban Decay’s Yeyo for comparison, but this is so good, why mess with perfection, and at 4.99, why spend extra money?)

MAC’s Blanc Type Any matte color that is similar to your skin tone is perfect, you can even use your face powder. I use this all the time, and I feel likeΒ  broken record about it, but i use this to soften the outer edges of my shadows.

Migi Black Velvet Liner (your liquid liner of choice. I stated in my November faves post what I love about these.)

Urban Decay Zero 24/7 Liner (any waterproof black liner that you like to wear on your water line)

Urban Decay Ransom 24/7 Liner (GREAT purple eyeliner. I also love the Aqua eyes from MUFE. If You want something on the cheap, try Jordana’s Easy Eyeliner in Purple Fusion. The Jordana won’t be as bright or last as long, but it’s only 1.99!)

Fiberwig Mascara (this is a fabulous tubing mascara with little fibers that really help make you lashes seem fuller and longer)

Sigma BlushΒ  in Not Fade Away (review soon)


Star Nova Lusterglass (Simply my go-to lipgloss)

Thanks for watching my videos & reading my Blog. I seriously ❀ and appreciate my loyal viewers SO MUCH!

In fact, here’s the winner of my Latest giveaway:

# 153, Tattoozombiegirl

Congrats to the winner!

Thanks for stopping by my Peanut Gallery! Remember to be Bright, Bold, & Beautiful, Just Be yourself!

❀ Cora

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32 Responses to Smoky Blue and Purple

  1. Brandy Avery says:

    Beautiful! Love it.
    hmm? I dont see a name of the winner…

  2. Babyfresa04 says:

    You never seize to amaze me πŸ˜€

    Girl, you have some *MAD skills!

  3. BadAzzKelana says:

    I was so tempted to get some MUFE products and a couple of MACs too.
    I’m still a little hesitant though but me thinks I may sacrifice at least
    100 bux to get some of those products because they look so extra awesome.

  4. CrimsonButterflies says:

    Hey there, I love the nails you had on with this look, the darker blue in particulat, which one is it, please? (from the YouTube video) Thank you.

    • vintageortacky says:

      The nail polishes I had on were “For Audrey” (light Blue) and “Frostbite” (darker Blue) Both from China Glaze, and Both with a Matte Topcoat πŸ™‚

  5. elektra274 says:

    Thanks for publishing photos! I never realized exactly how far off true colors the videos can be. I also can really appreciate the fine shades of color you were able to achieve in the photos. πŸ™‚

  6. AlexisJune says:

    Hey Cora love this look =)
    2 questions for you.
    What brow color do you use? I’m a pretty vibrant redhead too and have been searching for the right color with zero luck.
    And two…could you post pictures of your hair cut from the back? I really love it and would love my stylist to do something similar.

    Thanks a billion

  7. Gorgeous look! Migth give this a go πŸ™‚

    Congrats to the winner πŸ™‚

  8. Jennifer T. says:

    I never win anything 😦

  9. Sharon says:

    Gorgeous look!

  10. Justina says:

    love this look!
    congrats to Tattoozombiegirl

  11. coco says:

    lovely look! i’ll have to give it a try.

  12. thaberley says:

    ow god i have found you on you tube and i am jaelous on your hair en your make-up i realy loved the haircut en realy love how you do your makeup (sorry for my bad english) i have now more inspiration than ever for my own makeup to do thank you cora

  13. Pingback: Top Posts —

  14. jennifer says:

    hey Cora i know this ???? is not about your eye make-up
    but kind of make up foundation do u use please email me

  15. Nina says:

    This is simply flabberghastingly gorgeous!! I don’t have MUFE 92… how does it compare to Urban Decay’s Purple Haze (the matte one) Thanks so much!!

  16. _taphophile says:

    Hey Cora! I’ve been having an UD 24/7 issue! I use zoom in my water line and it doesn’t last. I’ve “blotted” my water line then added and not much help. Do I need to go old school and use a lighter or is there a trick that you may have up your sleeve? thanks mucho πŸ™‚

  17. Krista says:

    You are right about the MUFE #92. Perfect purple but so hard to work with. You have to use something with it so you can blend but it is amazing…

  18. Lindsey says:

    Hey, I love this look, but when I looked at it right away I thought in my head “THis is most definitly a Chesire Cat look!” But then I looked at the title. DARN! Can you please do a couple of tutirials on the new Tim Burton’s Alice and Wonderland? I am most interested in The Queen Of Hearts, The Chesire Cat, Alice, and the Mad Hatter. Thank You,

  19. Desiree says:

    this is really pretty. question for you, though: is it OK to not use a highlighter/lighter shadow on the brow bone? i always feel like if i don’t use one my eyes wont look big enough. how do you decide when not to use a highlighting shade?

    • vintageortacky says:

      I always use a highlight, but I typically use a light skin-tone matte color. It’s kind of been my mainstay for months and I’m kind of over it, lol. Just a few days ago I used a shimmery highlight (which I used to ALWAYS do) and I remembered how much I love it!

  20. Tasha Gill says:

    Hey Cora, i love your work and the fabulous eye colors. i would love to have the colors you do or similar in a palette- what would you recommend being a good eyeshadow palette to get? Have you tried the 120 Color Eyeshadow Palette by BHCosmetics??? is this a good product to buy? i see you love the Calypso minerals and read some people were having issues and i defiantly dont want to deal with that. and mac eyeshadows i see you use alot and they give you options to create your own palette but i would just like one palette with lots colors. I’m sure your really busy but im looking fwd to your reply. Thanks and keep up the good work. i love watching your videos and you help me out alot this last yr when me & my hubby were jack & sally (nightmare b4 xmas) for Halloween and we were a big hit on freemont street in vegas!

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