Pandora's Makeup Box Review

Pandora’s Makeup Packaging

Clockwise from the Top Left: Eyelid Primer, Classic Pink Blush, Lolita Blush, Breeze Eye Shadow, Oatmeal Eyeshadow, Spun Gold Eyeshadow, Nighingale Eyeshadow

Clockwise from the Upper Left: Eyelid Primer, Classic Pink and Lolita Blush, Breeze, Oatmeal, Spun Gold, and Nightingale Eyeshadow

Hi Guys and Dolls! Today I’m reviewing a new makeup company from Canada called Pandora’s Makeup Box. A few months ago, Susan from Pandora’s Makeup box asked if I would be interested in trying out a few items from the line and doing a review for them.  I looked at their website, and I discovered that this was a makeup artist’s line, and that all the packaging was eco-friendly, which I felt was refreshing. Although the packaging looked a little too girly-girl for my taste, I knew that was only my own personal opinion, and that many of you would think it was really cute. In many ways, the packaging reminds me of Stila: Larger than average pans, in high-quality cardboard containers.I DO compare this line to a few other lines in this review, and sometimes comparisons are not fair, but these days, in terms of value, it pays to do your homework and see how much you’re really getting for your money.

The color selection for this line seems to lean on the neutral/beauty makeup side, so if you’re looking for something outrageous, fun, or trendy, I’m not sure you’ll find it there. Lately I’ve really been into pretty neutral makeup, so I thought that this makeup line would fit right in with my current sensibilities. Also, I’m a BIG green mythology nerd, so the fact that the line was named after a Greek myth already had me on their side.

Let’s go over the Pros and Con’s:


The eco-friendly packaging

You get a lot of product for your money. The eye shadows and blushes are each $18 for 4gms. As a comparison, MAC shadows are $14 for 1.5gms

The slip cover that comes on each item has a full list of ingredients on it.

The names are cute, I especailly like Oatmeal, Lolita, and Spun Gold.

The blushes are great: smooth, pigmented and blend easily.They are a bit Pricey, these are $18 for 4gms, MAC sells their regular powder blush for $18.50 for 6gms.

A few of the eye shadows are pretty good. Nothing to write home about, but over all nice.

I give them props for even trying in Eyelid Primer in a eyeshadow pan.

Oatmeal is like a sheerer version of MAC’s Blanc Type, my most used eyeshadow; it’s great for creating a soft edge.


The packaging is a turn off, and I’m normally a fan of fun packaging.  To me it looks a little child-like. But I know for a fact that other people think it’s adorable.

The eyelid primer is useless. You’ll see my results in the pictures below. Also it’s expensive, you get .12oz for $20. Urban Decay Primer Potion (many consider this a industry standard) in $17 for .34 oz; Too Faced Shadow Insurance is $17 for .35oz. Also even before I used it I had to question the effectiveness of a primer that is in a cardboard container: It’s constantly exposed to air and it doesn’t dry out, so how will this not be a creamy mess on my eyes? Even the ultra-creamy NYX pencils are kept capped so they won’t dry up.  Also, unlike a lot of eyeshadow primers that dry clear, this has a definite  color, and is only offered in one color. This did  nothing to increase the wear time of my eyeshadow, ease blending, or make my eye shadows more intense.

Two of the eye shadows are well…. not good. While they feel really silky and blend very easily, they don’t have what I call “Cling Factor”. Without a primer, they just slide around on the skin. The two darker colors I was sent also suffer from what I refer to as ” Dry Erase Syndrome”. Have you ever written on a dry erase board, and then gone over it, and it erases what you did previously? These do that. That makes any type of blending colors together, or even packing on one color nearly impossible. The lighter colors might do that as well, but since they are so light/sheer, it’s hard to tell. Even with another primer, these were not worth using again, and frankly, if I had bought them, I would have returned them in a heartbeat. Maybe they’ll be good for Halloween makeup.

The Pictures below show how well these wear. I have no other makeup on in these since I was just sitting around the house testing these out:

This is right after application. Nothing looks too bad, but to me this looks like shadow I’d been wearing for hours without a primer. I’m wearing all four shadows here, Nightingale on the lower lid, Breeze in the crease, Spungold blended in with that, and Oatmeal as my brow highlight. On the Left lid I have the Pandora Primer, and on the Right I have UDPP. As you can see, the UDPP side has more intense color and  looks better in general.

This is ONE hour after application. If you click on the picture to make it bigger, you can see I already have some creasing.

I even added a bit more of the dark grey on the Left, but there was no saving it. This is 2 hours after application. After two hours, the side with the Pandora Primer was really creasing and both sides were getting the dry-erase syndrome just from my eyelids touching.

Swatches, No base :

Without Flash From L-R: Nightingale, Breeze, Spun Gold, Oatmeal, Classic Pink, Lolita, and under it all, the Lid Primer

With Flash From L-R: Nightingale, Breeze, Spun Gold, Oatmeal, Classic Pink, Lolita, and under it all, the Lid Primer

Overall: Eyelid primer is useless/ needs reformulation/repackaging; The eyeshadow formula needs work. As you can see it did not even last 2 hours. The lighter colored eyeshadows I will most likely continue to use, since I don’t feel there was anything wrong with them. They may have the same problems as the two darker ones, but there’s no way to tell. The blushes are great, and I’ve worn Lolita and Classic Pink a number of times, and I like wearing them together.

I must say, I’m  not really impressed, especailly considering that this is a makeup artist’s line.

These Products were sent free of charge for review from a Rep For Pandora’s Makeup Box. This review is based on my opinion and nothing else.

Thanks for stopping by my Peanut Gallery! Remember to be Bright, Bold, & Beautiful, Just Be yourself!

❤ Cora

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5 Responses to Pandora's Makeup Box Review

  1. Marcie says:

    Well thanks for the honest review!! I actually considered buying one of the dark colors because one, my dog’s name is Pandora and I love that name haha and two, I saw Blair use the shadows a lot in her tutorials and she raved about them… I totally get the dry erase thing, I’ve had eyeshadows do that and it’s just not even worth trying to use them. Once again, thanks (: You just saved me some money haha.

  2. Sabi says:

    Great honest review! Thanks Cora!

  3. Nicole says:

    thanks for the heads up and the head turns now haha.. it doesn’t even look like more then one color on the eye an they look as if blending was not evening work soo well I’ll save my money for something else for sure..thanks lady xoxo

  4. Tracey says:

    I know exactly what you mean with the whole dry erase syndrome thing. I feel some times with out a base that is that BFTE is the same way. I love their colors but if I blend it too much for a swatch again with out a primer it just goes away. With a primer though they’re alot better 🙂

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