VintageOrTacky's HUGE Contest: Closed

HOLY TOLEDO! I’m having my First contest and it’a DOOZY! It’s HUGE! the Prizes are AWESOME, I think the theme is pretty cool. I Hope EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU will get involved! I explain it all pretty well in the video, I hope, but here’s a written explanation of the rules:

The Rules:

* Must be A Subscriber of my YouTube Channel

* If You are under 18, get a parent’s permission to participate

* Open to Domestic & International Subscribers

* Email Submissions should be sent to For email entries, state your youtube user          name, and that you’d like to be entered into my Vintage or Tacky contest. One entry per person. ALL  YOU HAVE TO DO Is SEND ME YOUR USER NAME AND SAY YOU”D LIKE TO ENTER. Email entries do not need to send me any pictures of look.

* Video Entries must be submitted as a video response to the original Contest video

* Video entries must be no longer than 3 minutes UNLESS You do Both a Vintage look AND a tacky look in ONE video, then, that’s perfectly fine, and makes my life A lot easier, so thank you.

* I didn’t say this in the video, but YOU MUST send me pictures of your looks to! This way I can Include them in the winners video. Don’t forget to include Your user name so I can Match the videos to the picture. a Direct link to your video in the email would be greatly appreciated as well.

* Must state your User Name & that this is an entry for Vintageortacky’s contest in video

* Must state in the video what Category your video is for.

* What I want  for “Vintage” and “Tacky” Are Both Described in the video

* You can enter for Both Vintage And Tacky. In Order to Win the Grand Prize, You must do BOTH!

* You cannot win for Both the Vintage AND Tacky

* There Will Be ONE Email Winner, ONE Winner for Vintage, ONE Winner for Tacky, And ONE For the Grand Prize and again, you MUST do BOTH looks to Win the Grand Prize Prize.

* Have Fun and get creative!

* Take your time. You have a whole month

* Contest starts now and Ends August 21st at Midnight PST

A BIG Thank You to all the Sponsors of this contest:

Candy’s Youtube



Email Prize Pack

Email Prize Pack

Email Winner Prize Pack: Betsy Johnson perfume sample, Ring from, Fishnet Half-Glove, NYX eyesahdow in Velvet Blue, Earrings from, Ed Hardy/Lisa Frank Mini Book, MAC Lipstick in Charismatic, Sally Hansen Nail Polish in Emerald City, MAC Soft Sparkle Eye Pencil in Reflecto,  NYX Lipgloss in Lollipop & red makeup bag

Vintage Prize Pack

Vintage Prize Pack

mVintage Prize Pack: Smashbox Rapture Brush set, Polka Dot Headband, MAC clear Lipglass, NYX Jumbo pencil In Milk, NYX round Lipstick, Pigment and Glitter set, Sinful Colors Nail Polish in San Francisco, Red Cherry Lashes in 747, Ed Hardy Mini Book, Jewlery from &, & an Olive Green Makeup Bag!

Tacky Prize Pack

Tacky Prize Pack

Tacky Prize Pack: Polka Dot headband, Smashbox Kabuki, Red Cherry Lashes, in C 207, Necklace from & earrings from, MAC Lipglass In Red Devil, MAC Hello Kitty Beauty Powder in Tahitian Sand, Sinful Color Nail Polish in Pink, NYX Jumbo Pencil in Milk, NYC Round Lipstick in Louisiana, Ed Hardy/Lisa Frank Mini Book, Magenta Makeup Bag

Grand Prize

Grand Prize

Grand Prize Pack: Nyx Jubo pencil In Milk, NYX Round Lipstick In Pandora,Jewelery from &, MAC Pigment set, Ed hardy/ Lisa Frank Mini Book, MAC Novel Twist Bag, Red Cherry Lashes in #20, Sinful Colors Nail Polish in Summer Peach, MAC DAZZLEGLASS IN STOP LOOK< MAC COLORFORMS COOL EYES PALETTE HARAJUKU LOVERS PERFUME IN ” G “

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