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A two for one! Mac Chill Collection Promo Look/ Sailor Moon series- Artemis

So, here’s the third video in the Sailor Moon Series. I decided a few weeks ago to do all the Cats as well as the 5 inner scouts, Tuxedo Mask, and Rini. Diana and Luna have good color palettes to … Continue reading

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120 Palette review/ haul

This is the only one where I adjusted the color: I’m busy baking and etc, etc, holiday stuff, swatches will follow soon, but for now, enjoy the pics and the video ^_^

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Sailor Mars

Here’s the look I did for my Sailor Moon series, Sailor Mars. Her power is Fire. I based this look mostly on her suit, which is Red and Purple. It was also the perfect excuse to throw in some gold, … Continue reading

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