Hi Guys & Dolls!

Thank you All for the Love & Support on my latest video- Punk Rock Cleopatra

Sadly there were a lot of rude & disrespectful comments on this video- the usual mixed bag of generic “UR FAT”, to backhanded compliments like “At first I was repulsed by your body, but then I saw that you rocked your curves, good for you” …and who could forget, the “You’re pretty but you should think about losing some weight, you know, for your health”. Puh-lease. If fat-shaming worked, no one would be fat.

Thank you to everyone who stood up for me, you’re all so sweet. I decided to delete the defensive comments as well because it got a bit out of hand. While fat shaming is rampant in our culture, we also need to check ourselves for thoughts like “real women have curves” because that’s just not true. REAL WOMEN come in ALL shapes and sizes, and shaming anyone for their body is damaging to all women. I would never want someone to find me attractive BECAUSE I am fat. I want to be appreciated for me. Being fat and these curves is part of my individual beauty. I also have blue eyes, pale skin and pink hair; all just aspects of me- not all that I am.  It makes me so sad that people can’t see past the fact that someone has a different body type.  Beauty comes is both small and large packages, and being able to appreciate both means seeing true beauty.

please share your thoughts

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